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I twirl a chunk of hair around my fingers.

Mm. Out of the two of them, I’d peg Joey to be the one with the barbell through his junk. Billy wears too many suits, and don’t lawyers go through metal detectors when they go to court?

I can’t see him wanting to explain his Prince Albert every day to security.

My body forms to the soft leather as I relax, head tilted back, my gaze on the ceiling. “He got all clingy on me when I was leaving. Full-on puppy-dog eyes and everything. I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Humph. Are you sure he didn’t have a vagina?”

I scoff at Joey. “I think I would’ve noticed. I was all up in it.”

Billy stands and grabs the large, half-empty bowl of popcorn off the coffee table as Joey and I share a laugh.

“You want to watch a movie with us? We just started The Best Of Me.”

I smile up at Billy. “Nicholas Sparks? How very gay of you.”

He feigns a laugh, hand flattening on his chest. “Hilarious, Brooke.”

“Oh!” I shift onto my knees so that I can look between the two of them as Billy moves into the kitchen.

I almost forgot!

“You are both about to be so, so proud of me. I went to Agent Provocateur today, and didn’t spend a dime. Not one cent! Do you have any idea how difficult that was? I started shaking like a crack addict when I saw the new spring line.” I hold my hand up, beaming when Joey high-fives me. “I even tried on stuff. What I did today, the restraint I showed, is seriously unheard of for me. I should actually go back to the store now and buy something to celebrate the fact that I didn’t buy anything earlier.”

I go to get up and Joey grabs my wrist, tugging me down. We share a teasing look.

“Kidding, they’re closed, obviously, but seriously, how great am I doing with my spending? My bank account is looking awesome lately. Give me a few weeks, and I should be out of here.”

Getting evicted from my apartment two months ago was probably the lowest moment in my life. Well, that and the cum-shot gone wrong in New Orleans.

I swear my eye twitches occasionally because of that mishap.

After I found the notice taped to my door, I flipped off my landlord and weighed my options.

My overbearing parents—God, no, I’d rather get my teeth drilled, or Juls.

I love my sister, I do, but I can’t live with her. Besides, her and Ian are in tiny-tot land. She’s popping out a kid every nine months it seems. They need their family space. I need to not have to explain to my four year old nephew why Aunt Brooke has things that vibrate in her bedroom.

My landlord gave me one week to get out. I thought I was screwed. I was ready to deal with the ramifications of living under my father’s roof again. I’m sure he would’ve tried to tag me with a curfew, even though I’m twenty-five, haven’t had a curfew since I was seventeen, and mastered the art of sneaking through my bedroom window when I used to live there. However, these two amazing men saved the day and offered me a place to crash. The three of us have gotten close since I started working at the bakery, me and Joey especially.

Who would’ve thought me and Joey would become besties? I hated that bitch growing up.

Billy hands me a daiquiri. His eyes, warm and kind, stay glued to mine as he moves to his seat. “You know we don’t mind you living here, right? We’re not kicking you out, Brooke. There’s no rush.”

“Ha!” Joey smirks, his eyebrow arching playfully as he settles against Billy’s side. “No, we’re not, but I would like to fuck loud eventually. I’m all for you kicking your shopping addiction if it means we can go back to trying to break the sound barrier.”

I swallow my mouthful of daiquiri quickly before I spit it out. A quick chill runs through me. “Please. I have to wear those giant noise-canceling headphones when you two go at it, and I can still hear you begging, Joey. You don’t know how to be quiet.”

“Oh, and you do?” Joey rolls his eyes, lifting his own glass. “You’re loud even by yourself, Brooke.”

“It’s not my fault I’m amazing. Ask Paul. He can confirm that.”

Billy grabs the remote, a tense wave passing over his features. “Can we start up the movie and get off this topic? I had no idea you could hear us.”

“Everyone can hear you.” I point at the wall behind me when he turns his head and eyes me cautiously. “Mrs. Kessler caught me in the elevator last week and asked me if you two were remodeling in here. Something about you yelling ‘give me a hammer.’ You should’ve seen her face when I told her you were actually saying hummer.”

Billy closes his eyes, groaning. “Jesus Christ.”

“No wonder that old bitch has been giving me strange looks lately.” Joey waves a dismissive hand in front of his face. He shifts about on the couch. “Fuck her and her moss covered vagina. My sex life is fantastic, and I don’t care if the entire state hears my baby asking me to suck him off. We quiet down for no one.”

I pull my glass away from my lips, laughing as Billy rakes a hand down his face, noticeably uncomfortable.

He’s so different from Joey. The complete opposite, actually, but they complement each other perfectly.

Especially in the bedroom. I hear a lot.

“I told you both I would only stay here until I had enough money saved up to move out. I love you guys, but I need to get my own place again. Our combined hair-care products are overtaking the condo.” I cock my head with a pout, shifting my gaze between them. “But I will miss the sleepovers. You’re such a sweet little spoon, Billy. All soft and cuddly.”

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