Bear With Me Page 1


Alexander “Bunny” Bunsun grinned as his mate Tabby glared at him from across the room, her lime green hair standing out against the deeper evergreen shade of the Christmas tree.

His mother had cornered her, cooing at Tabby’s vaguely rounded stomach like a lunatic.

Tabby wouldn’t admit it out loud, but she was in heaven. She still hadn’t reconciled with her own parents, their actions when she’d been kicked out of her Pack still haunting her. Her old Pack’s new Alpha had invited her home for the holidays, but she’d adamantly refused. She wanted very little to do with her old Pack, and for the most part they’d chosen to obey her wishes.

So having Bunny’s parents hover over her protectively had been both a blessing and a strain. She needed this, needed family around her while she carried their child. Maybe he’d get her to agree to speak with her parents now that the holidays were here.

Tis the season, after all.

“I’m tickled they get along so well.” William Bunsun, Bunny’s father, picked up Bunny’s glass of spiked egg nog and downed it.

“Thanks, Dad.”

“No problem.” He patted his stomach. “Anything I can do to help keep you in shape.”

Bunny shook his head at his father’s antics. The man was insane. “I have no idea how you got Mom to agree to go out with you.” He shot Will a fond, annoyed look. “All things considered.”

“Hey, now.” Will shook his finger at him. “I will have you know I was hot back then.”

“You still are, baby.” Barb winked at them, her deep brown eyes sparkling with happiness.

Will blew a kiss at Barb, making Bunny’s brother Eric twitch. “Ugh. Knock it off, you two. I don’t want to watch old people kiss.”

Barbra Bunsun slapped her son upside the head hard enough to nearly knock him off his feet. “Who are you calling old?”

Eric rubbed the back of his head and whimpered. He was still on their mom’s shit list for being mean to Cyn and scaring their cousin Heather. Considering Barb had declared Julian and

Cyn family that was a huge no-no. “Ow.”

Tabby placed another ornament on the tree. She’d insisted on having Christmas Eve at their new home, and his family had insisted on helping her decorate. So here they were, spending a Saturday night with his parents and brother, decorating their new home and scarfing down pizza, cupcakes and egg nog. “You know, I’ve been dying to ask. Every time I do, Uncle Steven and Aunt Laura laugh and refuse to tell me.”

Uh-oh. Bunny poured himself another cup of spiked egg nog. He knew what was coming, and he was going to need a little fortification for this family story.

Maybe he should add some more whiskey. His parents had a tendency toward TMI that was going to make this painful.

“How did you two get together?” Tabby tilted her head and snuggled up against him, his own personal super-heroine.

Shit. Bunny finished the glass in one long swallow. Here we go.

Eric groaned. His brother knew what was coming. Poor Tabby had no clue, and wasn’t allowed alcohol to dull the horror.

Barb began to laugh as Will hugged his mate, cuddling her close. “Now that’s a hell of a tale…”

Chapter One

He hid in the bushes, waiting for his prey, positive that this time he’d catch her.

The first time he saw Barbra Browne had been the first time he truly understood why his father still growled over his mother. Barb had been walking across campus, her smile brighter than the sun, her dark hair teased around her in a shining halo of riotous curls. She’d been an angel, beautiful and perfect, taking a gloomy day and making it the best one ever.

He hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her.

When she laughed he’d sworn his heart started beating for the first time. Then the wind had shifted, and he’d known immediately why he’d been so fascinated by her. Her scent, dear

God above her scent, had almost driven him to his knees. She smelled of cinnamon and spice and everything nice. He could spend the rest of his life just breathing the air around her and die a happy man.

She was his.

He’d turned around, cutting his cousin Steve off mid-sentence, to follow the small, luscious creature all the way back to her dorm, studying her like the predator he was. Her bronze skin glowed with health, her startling hazel eyes full of laughter and a love of life he’d found infinitely appealing. He’d wanted that gaze turned on him, wanted her to see him.

He’d gone home to let his family know he’d found his mate, and that he’d be claiming her within the week.

That was months ago.

It was almost Christmas break. If she left before he got to mark her he didn’t know what he’d do. He had to bite her, make her his in every way before someone else came along and stole her away from him. There was no way his Bear would allow anyone else to claim the luscious woman meant just for him.

There! That warm cinnamon scent wafted toward him. Everyone was excited for the holiday break, but none more so than his mate. He could see her now, heading down the path, her cheeks were bright with cold, her eyes sparkling as she took in the campus holiday decorations.

Her acid wash jeans hugged her body, the winter parka not even hiding her incredible ass. She wore a headband today, holding those curls at bay, and bright green earmuffs that matched her earrings.

God. She was so beautiful his heart ached.

His Bear wanted out as yet another male friend hugged her for far too long. Will was having a hard time keeping him contained. They were on campus and he did not need his furry ass tranqed and carted off to the zoo.

She was closer now, her cinnamon scent wrapping around him, filling him with warmth.

He could hear her, chatting away with her best friend and roommate, laughing as if she didn’t have a care in the world. She’d go past the bush he was hiding behind as she always did, and when she did, he would pounce. Today, their game of Bear and Honeypot would come to an end.

This time he would catch her, and Barbra Browne would be his.

Barb shook her head and tried desperately not to laugh. “Stacy?”


“I spy with my little eye something that begins with W.”

Stacy grinned, her teeth white against her dark skin. “Oh! I know! I know! White boy.”

She shook her head and tsk’d. “Damn, that’s the third time this week he’s hidden behind that bush.”